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MSC Grandiosa Cruise Reviews

MSC Grandiosa Overview

Due for delivery in October 2019, MSC Grandiosa — the new Meraviglia Plus ship — will have a capacity of nearly 6,300 passengers plus 1,700 crew and will be christened in Hamburg. The second has been named MSC Virtuosa and will launch in September 2020.

At 331 meters long, the ships are able to dock in any port in the world, giving passengers a wider choice of itineraries and destination options. Sixteen meters longer than the Meraviglia, with increased width and a total of 2,444 cabins – 200 more than the Meraviglia — their size also guarantees passengers extra space and an increased number of facilities.

Both Meraviglia Plus ships will combine the standard features of the Meraviglia along with a range of luxurious new facilities and onboard entertainment. Unique features include a classic and contemporary fine art museum — the first at sea — exhibiting original artworks in collaboration with cultural centers and art museums around the world. MSC Cruises has also partnered with the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, which will perform a show onboard in purpose-built dining and entertainment venues.

Other highlights include an extended 111-meter-long indoor promenade. Like the Meraviglia, the promenade will house a range of restaurants, bars and shops and will be covered by a “digital sky” LED screen showing events and vistas overhead. However, the Meraviglia Plus promenade will feature an extended screen of 95 meters by 6 meters supplied by Samsung, which will also provide next-generation mobile and medical technology onboard. In addition, the extended promenade will house two extra restaurants, giving passengers a wider dining choice.

Other Meraviglia facilities carried over to Meraviglia Plus ships include:

• Family group ‘cluster cabins’, where up to three cabins can be joined so larger families can stay together.

• Outdoor water park

• Double-deck indoor amusement park

• Double-deck entertainment space and aft lounge

• Up-to-the minute wristband technology that enables passengers to book restaurants and spa treatments, make payments and even keep track of their children with geo-locate software.

• VIP MSC Yacht Club featuring a solarium, lounge, restaurants and duplex suites.

Like the Meraviglia, both Meraviglia Plus ships are designed to maximize efficiency and are water emission free. They also feature scrubber technology, which neutralizes carbon dioxide emissions.

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